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come to mind
appear in ones thought
he means
you recommended a collegue for a cetain project
you might tellem
you came to mind immediately
when a boss asked me for a reccrecommendation
i know
how hardworking and creative you are

spring to someones mind
jump to someones mind

sunshine state
all the u.s. states have nicknames
i was born in Alaska e.g. which is called
the last frontier
last frontier
and i lived for about 10 years in oregon
which is called
the beaver state

tied to
he uses this to mean
require to stay at
unable to get away from
another very common expression using tie is
tie up
which can mean
to keep occupied
or busy
sorry i couldnt call earlier
i was tied up in a meeting

tied up with
tied up in

many's the time
many's the time

something has happened many times
he using it
i think its
a lil old-fashioned
a lil formal sound
but still use it
unfortunately i have to admit that
many's the time ive worried about things
that ended up with never happening

for ages
he said
for a long time
in other words
you also hear
ages ago
which means a long time ago
he joined the company ages ago
hes been here for 35 years

head south
this means decline deteriorate fail
you can also say
go south
the negotiations went south
when the parties couldnt agree on profit sharing

front-line employee
this means
someone whos directly involved
with proviging a service or making a product
a nurse would be a front-line healthcare worker


lean and mean
lean and agile

take a leaf from the same book
emulate someone elses behavior
do something similar to what theyve done
you might say
i should take a page from johns book
and save 10percent of my income every month
in other words
save 10percent a month like your friend john does

take a page from the same book

he means
retain as employees
but employ can also mean
make use of
as were hearing in this vignette
companys are employing the latest technology
to enhance the productivity


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